Global Software Engineering, the area that investigates the challenges that cultural, physical, and temporal distances impose to software teams and the specifics of working in a distributed fashion (e.g., tools support, processes, measurements, etc), was established in early 2000 when researchers and industry professionals realize that the need for new strategies to support software development with the advent of globalization were in place. Companies start to seek access to skilled human resources at lower costs and shortly outsourcing became part of a day-to-day operations of several IT departments around the world.
Brazil was among the countries under the companies’ attention, and motivated by the federal tax incentives from the Brazilian government, in 2000 PUCRS founded its scientific park named TECNOPUC. MunDDoS was founded in early 2001 in this context: two large IT companies established their development centers on campus and asked the Computer Science School for help to show their respective headquarters’ offices that their teams were capable to develop software with as higher quality rates as their fellows. The first research project was then set up: to define practices that would help globally distributed teams to work together.
Since then, MunDDoS two first graduate students became its leading researchers–Dr. Prikladnicki and Dr. Marczak, and several projects developed and partnerships with industry and universities around the world have been established. Topics of investigation spam throughout several software engineering areas, such as requirements engineering, software testing, project management, but mostly we still keep one foot in our hoots! We have recently been investigating how distribution affects software teams in diverse contexts–following agile and lean development, in the development of software ecosystems and systems-of-systems, using Internet of Things, among others, following new trends in software and systems development.
Our group has also contributed to the establishment and growth of research in the area in Brazil. We co-organized the first Brazilian workshop on global software engineering, named WDDS, in 2007, a year after the first edition of the IEEE International Conference on Global Software Engineering, also co-organized by our group and hosted in Brazil. We organized the first edition of the Agile Brazil Conference in 201- and the first edition of the joint workshop on software ecosystems and systems-of-systems with the former WDDS. The first books written in Portuguese about global software engineering and about agile development are co-authored by one of our leading researchers, among so many other activities that we are proud to have contributed to diverse levels of organization and involvement.
We do hope to keep modestly contributing to industry and academia with our scientific contributions and formation of graduate students and industry professionals.

Foto do Grupo de pesquisa Munddos