Crowdsourcing is an approach which involves delegating tasks to an unknown crowd and rises as an option providing access to a scalable workforce of online users.
The research focus on Crowdsourcing for Software Engineering is to investigate approaches to developing software that uses the wisdom of the crowd.

Software Crowdsourcing is the engagement of a global pool of online workers that can be tapped on-demand by submitting various types of software development tasks like requirements, documentation, design, coding, and testing.

Research Areas

1. Collaborative Aspects in Software Crowdsourcing

In general way, it is explore the collaboration challenges in Software Crowdsourcing model (among requesters, platform and crowd). We are interested on investigate how the elements collaborate and what coordination, communication and cooperation mechanisms are necessary to support crowd-based software development.

2. The Barriers Newcomers face when trying to make their first contribution to Crowdsourcing for Software Engineering.

Usually, newcomers face many problems when making contribution to a Crowdsourcing for software engineering projects. We intend to identify what are the barriers and how might a model support newcomers´ contributions.

3. Software Crowdsourcing and Project Management
Organizations increasingly sought the project management area to solve problems and guarantee successful projects, that meet clients’ needs with quality. We investigated what are the challenges of managing software crowdsourcing projects and what strategies can be adopted to minimize the challenges of managing a software crowdsourcing project.

Research Group
The group is formed by the following researchers:

Rafael Prikladnicki (PUCRS, Ph.D) coordinator

Cleidson de Souza (UFPA, Ph.D)
Erran Carmel (American U., Ph.D)
Igor Fábio Steinmacher (UTFPR-Campus Campo Mourão – Ph.D)

Ph.D student
Leticia Santos Machado
Alexandre Lazaretti Zanatta

Past Team Member:
Graziela Basílio Pereira (M.Sc)

Research Project

“Brazil Crowdsourcing: Software Industry transformation and disruption”
The goal project is to understand how the three elements of crowdsourcing are emerging in Brazil – the clients, the platforms, and the crowd.
Funding: Brazilian Science without Borders Program Project (PVE)


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